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Wednesday July 13 2011
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Aimee prep
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Marcus Herou 2011-07-13
Off topic but I cannot find a good place to ask this question which have intrigued me for some time.

About Front/Back Squat + Box Jumps immediately after

What kind of effort in the BJ is required for the combo to have effect?

Thanks in advance

//Marcus Herou

Greg Everett 2011-07-13
Marcus - I think just about any effort will have some effect, but to make it maximally effective, the jump needs to be of somewhat high intensity, which is why I keep the jump reps to 1-3. When I have my athletes do it, I tell them to jump as high as possible - immediately after tough squatting, this is nowhere near their best jump, but it's the effort that matters.
craig 2011-07-13
hi. love this site especially the workout videos. i'm a beginner trying to learn proper technique. i noticed the lifter (female) performing the snatch, in the 7/13/11 daily training video, "donkey kicks" making her feet come very high off the platform during the descent. isn't this something to avoid?
Greg Everett 2011-07-13
Craig - It is something to be avoided, but also one of the hardest habits to break. The only two lifters here who do it learned initially to lift somewhere else - both have improved on it greatly.
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