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Tuesday August 2 2011
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Audra back squat
  • Push Press + Power Jerk + Jerk - heavy 1+1+1, 95% x 1+1+1, 90% X 1+1+1
  • Mid-Hang Power Snatch - 3 x 5 at med wt
  • Block Snatch High-Pull (mid-thigh) - 3 x 8 at med wt
  • Front Squat - heavy 3, 95% x 3, 90% x 3
Power snatch and snatch high-pull weights should be challenging but allow quality reps. Power snatches should be snappy and locked out completely; high-pulls should be to maximum elbow height.

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Brian 2011-08-02

Great article on the bench press. I had 2 questions however:

You suggest an equal or greater amount of pulling exercises be used to balance the bench press, do the classic lifts count here, or are you recommending specifically rows and/or pullups?

Also, with regards to curls being used for performance, would this be a lower rep, more weight scheme, or just a general usage for them?

Greg Everett 2011-08-02
Brian - I mean specifically upper body vertical and horizontal pulling exercises, e.g. pull-ups, row variants, etc. Curls can go either way - I don't see a big need for super low rep heavy curls, but 4-6 reps or so with a bit of a cheat has its place for strength, and that 8-12 range can help for a bit of joint conditioning and elbow balance.

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