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Thursday August 4 2011
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Audra snatch
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John Thomas 2011-08-04
Hi, I just started this yesterday, been a crossfitter for 2 and a half years and want to do this for a few months to get my strength numbers up. At one point I did OPT to prepare for 2010 sectionals, and I read the getting started section so the prescription format is familiar to me, but I'm not completely clear about everything.

For example, today it says "•Jerk behind the neck + jerk - heavy 1+1, 95% x 1+1, 90% x 1+1"

Does this mean there are a total of 3 working sets? If so I'm assuming I do the most that I can do, essentially what my max is for today.. but do the percentages that follow stand for that of my 1rm jerk? And if so whenever there is a percentage, is it that of my 1rm regardless of what you prescribe for the rep scheme? Thanks and sorry for the longwindedness
Greg Everett 2011-08-19
yes and yes
kelly rapp 2014-11-27
So the 95% and 90% aren't based off the heavy working set for the day? Sorry for the confusion, and thank you!
Steve Pan 2014-11-28
The percentages will be based off of the heavy set that you do.
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