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Monday September 26 2011
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Steve snatch balance
  • Snatch - heavy single; 75% x 1 x 5 OTM
  • Clean & Jerk - heavy single; 75% x 1 x 5 OTM
  • Clean Pull - 3RM, 95% x 3
  • Front squat - heavy single; 85% x 2 x 2
Week 16 of 18

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Robbie 2011-09-26
Snatch- HS- 85lbs +65lbs for OTM
CJ- HS- 185lbs(got 40lbs more, but working technique here) + 140 for OTM)
Clean Pull- 3RM 225, 190x3
Front Squat- HS 225(40 below 1RM, this training knocks you out!) 190x2x2.
2nd day of CA, loving it so far. Recruited a buddy to join, he broke in his new oly shoes on it today. I just got my snatch position in my shoulder last week. 4 dislocations left it pretty banged up. Excited to see how snatching will affect my other lifts.

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