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Tuesday September 27 2011
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Audra block pull
  • Snatch - 80% of Mon's HS x 1 x 5
  • Clean & Jerk - 80% of Mon's HS x 1 x 5
  • SLDL - mod. wt 3 x 5
3 sets; no rest:
20 KB swings
5 box jumps

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Robbie 2011-09-27
Snatch- 65lbs. Felt better today, was able to widen up the grip which brought my posture up.
Clean and Jerk- worked more technique at 165. Got better foot position today, really working at a detailed routine on my jerk prep.
SDL- 225x3x5. Moderate weight is what I assumed mod wt. meant.

Conditioning, 26inch box, 2pd kb. Didn't time. Low back was lit up.

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