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Thursday November 17 2011
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Jocelyn snatch
  • Power snatch - 60% x 1 x 8
  • Power clean & jerk - 60% x 1 x 8

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Harrison 2011-11-17
Hey Coach Everett,

Just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for posting these workouts and past cycles. I came over from OPT's blog for a quick cycle and just completed the 5-week Strength cycle. Saw the following gains (lbs):

Snatch - 155 to 175
C&J - 195 to 205 (could hit 215 fresh)

I decided to stick around and try the high-volume 12-week Strength Development Cycle, after which I will re-evaluate going back to a GPP emphasis on OPT's site or possibly competing in a minor oly competition.

Thanks again,
Greg Everett 2011-11-17
Awesome, thanks for posting.

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