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Sunday November 20 2011
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Warren deadlift
Rest Day

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Schmidt 2013-07-10
I want to know alternative exercises for
row, KB, box jump,pull up, HLR,sandbag
because my gym has only barbell and dumbbell and bench.
I'm sorry to trouble you

Steve Pan 2013-07-11
For KB exercises you should be able to substitute a DB for the swings.

Pull Ups you can substitute any rowing exercise like barbell rows or DB rows.

HLR you can sub any ab exercise.

Sandbag work you will have to make a judgement call and find a substitute for those depending on what the movement is.
Schmidt 2013-07-13
thank you steve.
Mike Stewart 2014-02-15
Snatch 192.5-202
C&J no improvement, stayed at 255
Back squat 395-400

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