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Monday January 2 2012
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Steve prep
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Mike Burton 2012-01-02
Sir/Ma'am, I have a question concerning core work. I looked back at allot of your workouts that you have prescribed, and I don’t see allot of core work being prescribed. Is there a reason for that? Also, I noticed that there is not allot of work when it comes to handstands either. If I was to add this to your prescribed workouts how would you recommend I do it? Thanks for any help you can give.
Greg Everett 2012-01-02
Mike- From the about page - "If ab work is not prescribed during a certain cycle, it is expected that you do it on your own at least 3 days/week."I don't prescribe handstand work because it's not a high priority. If you want to practice handstands, you can work some in to the program, but I would do it after the weightlifting work.
Jon 2012-02-21
Dumb question but if i don't have blocks can I use bumpers and how high do I use.
Greg Everett 2012-02-21
Jon -Yes you can. The height of the bar is noted (mid-thigh) - you need to stack the bumpers high enough that the bar sits at that height.
Mikey 2012-06-25
question on the snatch pull + snatch, does this (65% x 2(1+1) x 3) mean 3 sets of 1 snatch pull + 1 snatch?
Steve Pan 2012-06-25
Mikey -

It will be 3 sets of snatch pull plus snatch twice. A single set will be: snatch pull, snatch, snatch pull, snatch.
Mikey 2012-06-26
Thanks for your help Steve. one last question, does (Clean deadlift to knee + clean pull - 65% x 3+1 x 3) mean 3 clean deads to knee and 1 clean pull = 1 set??
Steve Pan 2012-06-27
Mikey -

That is correct.
Charlie 2012-09-27
Are we suppose to calculate our 1RM and then work from there on the prescribed %'s?

i.s Block snatch 1rm and then go through workout.
Steve Pan 2012-09-27
Charlie -

You should use the percentages off of your lifts from the floor. Some exercises will say when to do heavy single followed by back off sets and that will be noted in the prescription.
Chris 2012-10-28
If I don't have blocks, would it be OK to just perform the block exercises from a hang?
Steve Pan 2012-10-29
If you don't have blocks hang versions of the lifts should be okay.
April 2014-08-26
On the Block snatch pull + snatch (mid thigh) - does this mean Block Snatch Pull + Block Snatch , both at mid thigh height?
Or is is Block Snatch Pull (mid thigh) + Snatch (from the floor,not block version?)

Do you recommend the use of straps for this? how about straps on the Block Clean Pull + Clean version?

Steve Pan 2014-08-26
April -

You will set the block height so the bar sits at mid thigh. You may use straps with the snatches if you are safe with them. I would strongly advise against using straps with cleans as there is a high injury risk.
April 2014-08-26
thanks steve! so it will be both from the blocks at mid thigh height?

Steve Pan 2014-08-27
Both from mid thigh.
Zach 2014-10-22
What is the "(1+1)" after the 65% x2
Steve Pan 2014-10-22
1+1 is for the clean pull + clean. It will be 2(1+1) which is "clean pull + clean + clean pull + clean" for each set.
Rudy 2015-03-07
On the front squats is it a set of 3 then a set of 2 or 3 sets x 2 reps?
Steve Pan 2015-03-09
60% x 3 x 2 is two sets of three reps at 60%. For more information on notation check the program Help & Info section to the right.
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