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Thursday January 5 2012
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Warren back squat
  • Push press + jerk - 50% (of jerk) x 3+1 x 2, 60% x 3+1 x 2, 65% x 3+1 x 2
  • Hang power snatch (below knee) - 50% (of snatch x 3 x 4
  • Muscle snatch - 35% (of snatch) x 3 x 4
  • Pin back squat (just above parallel) - 50% x 3 x 2, 55% x 3 x 2, 60% x 3 x 2
3 sets; no rest:
400 m row
15 dips

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MIke Burton 2012-01-05
Great workout today...wore myself out on those rows and dips :o)
Robert Hull 2013-09-24
Pin Squat done in a power rack to stop the bar? Suggestions if we don't have a rack-box squat?
Steve Pan 2013-09-30
Partial Squats should be okay if you don't have a rack with pins.
Jean Sebatware 2014-05-14
Are the Pin back squat the same as the jumping squat?
couldn't find a demo, but you guys have the jumping squat demo.
Steve Pan 2014-05-15
Pin back squat will be the bar set on the pins (set at about parallel) and you will stand up from the bottom.
Pam 2014-08-28
Steve, so we have to pause/let the bar rest on the pins for every rep?

not do touch and go at the pins?

Steve Pan 2014-08-29
Reset off the pins for each rep.

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