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Monday January 9 2012
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Audra clean pull
  • Block snatch pull + snatch (mid-thigh) - 70% x 2(1+1) x 5
  • Block clean pull + clean (mid-thigh) - 70% x 2(1+1) x 5
  • Clean deadlift to knee + clean pull - 75% x 3+1 x 2, 80% x 3+1 x 3
  • Pause back squat - 60% x 5 x 3, 65% x 5 x 3
Week 2 of 6

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Link Wilfley 2012-01-08
Sorry for the beginner question; when you say block snatch pull plus snatch at mid thigh, I am assuming I am to set up the blocks so bar is mid thigh and the pull is a high pull, (bent arms at top to chin)?
Thanks much,
Greg Everett 2012-01-08
Link -

Yes, blocks set so bar starts at mid-thigh. Pull is just a pull, but if the weight is light enough that you can high-pull it, do it (although you shouldn't get all the way to the chin unless you're leaning down to the bar).
Link 2012-01-09
Great. Thanks much.
Adam Gurule 2012-01-09
For the clean deadlifts to knee, was it 75% of deadlift, or of clean?
Greg Everett 2012-01-09
Adam - Of clean.
Adam Gurule 2012-01-09

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