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Wednesday February 1 2012
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roundeye 2012-02-01
hi. i notice that you guys are on week 5 of 6. im currently in a 5x5 and i just finished week 4. im still making good gains but have been planing on getting on a real oly program, except im a novice at the oly lifts and unclear how to design a oly program. iv been crossfiting for a year and a half so i have exposure to oly lifting. when you guys start your next cycle next week i think ill follow and see how that goes.

i just need some info on how to interperet the workouts. for example today the first part is snatch. the last part of the snatch is 80% x 1x4. is that 1 set of 4, or 4 sets of 1?
if anyone reads this and can give me an ansewer it would be a big help. thanks.
Greg Everett 2012-02-01
Roundeye - All of your questions and more are answered here.
roundeye 2012-02-01
Thanks a lot Greg. I will be following your workouts
roundeye 2012-02-01
Thanks a lot Greg. I will be following your workouts when the next cycle begins. Im looking get my strength up, not that Im weak, but I want to break into the "animal" category by the summer. Im sure you guys will be just what Im looking for. Thanks again.
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