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Saturday February 4 2012
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Aimee snatch
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roundeye 2012-02-04
i want to switch over to the olympic lifting for a few months. im trying to up my strength. the only gear i have is a set of dumbbells that goes up to 90 each hand. is it true that my stabilizer muscles will fatigue before my prime movers? and if that is true, is it even worth trying an olympic program with dumbbells? im laid off and dont have any cash at the time so i can buy a barbell or plates. anybody have an ideas for me to make something work?
Greg Everett 2012-02-06
Roundeye - You definitely won't be able to do a real Oly lift program with DBs only. Are there any gyms around that would let you train in trade for something?
Roundeye 2012-02-07
Thats a pretty good idea. I m not sure but I could probably look into that. Thanks for the idea.
Melissa 2012-02-21
What a great post Jon! Great rneiectlofs. There is no doubt you will be immensely successful, no matter what endeavour you pursue. And you have a natural gift and energy for this one. Keep up the great work brother!s.ps love the list. : )
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