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Tuesday February 14 2012
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Steve riser snatch pull
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EFS 2012-02-14
Hi Greg -

I use the split snatch because I'm tall (6'6"), older now and stiff and beaten up from youthful years of powerlifting and rugby. It may be that none of those realites is really a viable excuse but nevertheless, I find the spliit to be more natural for me. I'm wondering how to regulate the difference between the split snatch and the split power snatch - seems like a less clear matter of degree of depth than for squat snatches. Thanks for any tips and for this fantastic site - these workouts have reintroduced me to the "fun" of lifting weights which is a critical element of success in my opinion.

Best to you
Greg Everett 2012-02-14
EFS - A true split snatch as performed by the best lifters of that era is extremely low - actually remarkably similar in depth to a squat. However, the folks who use the split these days do so because of limitations of injuries or inflexibility, so their depth is considerably higher. For you, the difference will be minimal - your default split will be a lot like a power snatch level. I wouldn't even distinguish between the two - just do your normal split snatch when power snatches come up. I think you're better off working on a consistent foot position and getting under the bar rather than trying to get higher and developing habits that limit your ability to get under the bar quickly, since that's a big limiter in the split.
Joseph 2012-02-14
Hi Greg,

What is a push ball i couldnt find the description in the exercise section.
Greg Everett 2012-02-14
Joseph -Push press motion to throw a ball up to a wall - catch, dip, drive, push up again - quick movement, light ball, quick cycle time.
EFS 2012-02-14
Thanks Greg!!

skz 2012-02-14
For the heavy single jerk does HS mean hang snatch?
Greg Everett 2012-02-14
skz - HS means Heavy SIngle.
skz 2012-02-14
Thanks Greg.
My wife and I started yesterday on the beginning of the six week cycle. I appreciate your posts and feedback.
Ling 2012-03-12
Power snatch is based on your best snatch?
Angel 2012-03-17
Rick, I agree about position 1 being the ieaesst. I was a little surprised. I thought position 1 would be the most difficult. Only manged 95# on the 3 position sequence. Attempted 100 but was only able to get that one from position 3 after a couple of tries. Completed the WOD in 7:54 rx. Great work everyone! Expect there to be more skills and drills on those oly movements. At least 2x per week. The only way to truly get comfortable with those complex movements is to do them several times per week.
Sayer 2013-08-21
are power snatches and power cleans based on maxes of the classic lifts?
Steve Pan 2013-08-27
Sayer -

They will be based on the maxes of your power lifts unless otherwise specified.
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