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Saturday February 25 2012
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Audra snatch high-pull
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Tommy Malone 2014-11-09
I'm 2 weeks into this cycle right now and really loving it. Thanks for everything you guys/gals do. If I hit a PR when doing HS should I enter that into the spreadsheet formula to adjust my working weights for the rest of the cycle? If I'm doing drills in warm up to correct a specific problem, what's a good % of 1RM and rep scheme to use so I get the feel without over taxing myself. Thanks Tommy
Steve Pan 2014-11-10
If you hit a PR, you will now use that for your percentages going forward. Drills for warm up you should be doing pretty light, 40% and under.
Tommy Malone 2014-11-14
Thanks! I was reading ahead a little. Is this a good rule of thumb with all HS days or only when called for?

"If you reach your heavy single in snatch or clean & jerk with fewer than 10 reps over 60%, drop back down in weight and do singles until you've totaled 10 above 60%." - Gregg

Is there a recommended build up to to a HS? I've been doing 5@bar, 5@30%, 5@40%, 1@60%, 1@70, 1@75%, 1@80% till failure.

Is the build up to HS day done in the same sequence as a 1RM day?
Steve Pan 2014-11-18
If you set a PR it will change the percentages going forward always. The 10 reps total is for the particular cycle where that is specified. You will have to feel out appropriate jumps to make when working to a HS, smaller jumps as you get closer to your max would be a good idea. HS warm ups will be similar to days you are working to a max.
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