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Thursday March 22 2012
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Audra clean pull on riser
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Tommy Malone 2014-12-03
Are these BJ's from the squat? I'm finishing this cycle up this week and am very happy with results. I'm looking to do a another 5-6 week cycle before I switch back to training for the CF open. I was thinking about the Front squat cycle unless you had a better suggestion for a novice lifter? Thanks
Steve Pan 2014-12-03
Regular box jumps should be fine. Don't worry about getting a high box, focus on good speed and drive with the legs. The front squat cycle should be a good one, I also recommend the 4-week leg strength block.
Tommy Malone 2014-12-05
Thanks!! When I did this cycle I upped all my maxs by 10lbs & 20lbs for all the squats. It made the programming manageable but very challenging. I've good gains, 20lb Snatch & C&J & 30lbs on BS. I'm on the fence about whether to do this on the next cycle......What are your thoughts? Thanks
Steve Pan 2014-12-05
Find a cycle that fits your needs. I recommend alternating cycles that bring up leg strength with a training block that aims that strength toward the classic lifts.
Tommy Malone 2014-12-08
Sorry if worded my last post poorly. I'm doing the Leg Block 1 per your suggestion. For the Basic Rep Cycle spreadsheet I added 10-20 to all my maxes to increase the working weights during the cycle. For my BS I used 275 instead of 255, I upped all my squats by 20lbs and 10lbs for all other lifts. The weight was very challenging but I managed. Is this something I can continue or do I need to stay true to my correct maxes? Thanks
Steve Pan 2014-12-09
Take the percentages off of your real maxes.
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