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Saturday March 24 2012
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Ray sandbag jump squat
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John 2012-03-24
Hey Greg I would like to get your opinion on Rudy Nielsons stufff. I know he is training his people for the games but it I have been following his stuff for about 2 weeks just to do something different and I like it. Do you have and thoughts on the matter? I pick and choose on his conditioning but I do like his strength waves
Chad Lammert 2012-03-24
Hi Greg-
First, thanks for all of this. I've been training with you for 12 weeks now and have made gains of 23 lbs on my snatch and 35 lbs on my clean and jerk--both of which are nearing their next PRs. Second, today I was caught on camera with a terrible cresent moon shaped bar path in my snatch's second pull with the bar traveling far away from my body. My friend keeps yelling at me to "activate the lats!!" and even though I feel like I am, the bar is still traveling way far away. Can you help me with this? Any tips or skills to train to develop a close bar path to the body? As always, I appreciate anything you can offer.

Thanks again Greg,

Chad Lammert
Greg Everett 2012-03-26
John -

Not really familiar with it so I can't comment.
Greg Everett 2012-03-26
Chad -

Sounds like you mean the third pull - pull under. Million things to say about that. Check the articles section for the article "improving the clean thruogh a better turnover" and apply that stuf to the snatch. Or my book has more info than you could ever want on it.
Jon 2012-03-27
Greg it's called the outlaw way. Was just wondering if u get the chance to look at his programing and give me your thoughts.
Ben 2014-05-30
Greg, I finished up this program last week and saw some awesome gains!!! My Snatch PRed 20lbs, Clean and Jerk PRed 25lbs, Front Squat Pred 20lbs. Thanks so much for the fantastic programing! Thinking about doing the 4 Week leg block next, unless you recommend something else.
Thanks so much, you guys are the best!
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