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Monday March 26 2012
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Audra clean pull on riser
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Todd Angel 2012-03-26
Greg- I love the site and information that you provide. I have a quick question: what would you recommend for an athlete that is not reaching full extension on thier lifts? Are there any drills that you would recommend? Thanks in advance for any input.

Greg Everett 2012-03-27
Todd -

You really need to determine the cause before you can make smart decisions on what drills/exercises/cues to use. You can post video in our forum and get feedback from me and others.
Todd Angel 2012-03-27
Greg-Thanks for the response. I'll get to it.

Link 2012-03-27
I'm a CrossFit affiliate owner out of Denver, CO, and have had continuously poor results on progression in weight with my Olympic movements. I've only focused on them through CrossFit training and programming through our gym and feel there's plenty of potential to increase in weight by focusing more narrowly on the movements themselves, which, of course, has directed me to the experts to guide, or direct the effort...Catalyst Athletics.
I notice not a lot of people post results to the site in comments, and without knowing much of the group that follows the site meticulously (like other CrossFit boxes as an example), I'm going to guess that there's some people out there like me that simply don't post because, 1. They mix and match their programming, 2. Don't stay consistent in their training, convincing themselves that constantly varied means changing it up all the time without fulfilling goals, 3. Don't have training partners and it's hard to do Oly stuff in the gym without someone, or 4. Get bored, frustrated, overwhelmed, distracted, or something along the lines...
So, in an attempt to holler out to the ex-athlete, devout exerciser, CrossFit believer, Outlaw follower, too busy to compete in the CrossFit Open and Regionals too seriously, wants a more specific, directed goal, and loves to throw weight around...I'm going to start putting up results in hopes that there really are some of you out there...post up!
Mr. Everett and team, thank you for what you do.
Link 2012-03-27
BS 265#
HSS 135#
SDL 170#
OHS 160#
Nick 2012-03-28
bs 185#
hss 105#
sdl 135#
ohs 135#
Nate 2012-04-01
Julie 2012-10-21
Hi Greg,
This may sound stupid but just to confirm. On the leg strength cycle block 1 is it 10 sets of 3 reps or 3 sets of 10 reps.
Thank you.
Julie 2012-10-21
Oops sorry found it in the FAQ!
Brad 2013-03-25

I was wondering the best way to incorporate some chest work into this. I am a football player with a 4 week gap between programs right now and this looks pretty good to encompass my Olympic lifts and heavy leg workouts needed, but lacks the chest work I also need. Any information would help.

Greg Everett 2013-03-26
Brad -

I would throw in the chest work on days you have overhead/pressing work already (e.g. jerks, push press, OHS, etc).
Col 2013-06-24

I plan to begin this 4 week leg strength block next week but can only go to the gym during the work week (Mon to Fri). I assume that I can still make decent progress even if I drop one of the five workouts power week. Which workout makes the most sense to drop?

Would you recommend dropping the fourth session and then doing the fifth on the Friday?

Thanks very much
Greg Everett 2013-06-25
Col -

Thursdays are very light, so you can probably get away with just moving Saturday's workout to Friday. See how that feels on week one and if it's too much, you can just drop the Thursday workout.
Col 2013-06-26
Greg -
Thanks very much for your quick repy! I'll give it a go.
Matthew 2013-06-27
Hi Greg,
I've been searching through the cycles to find one I wanted to do next; I'm at the end of the third week of the first leg strength cycle. I still would like to increase my leg strength before turning my focus to mostly classical lifting, so my question is should I just do the first 4 weeks of programming here over again, or continue at week 5 (Block 2, I see)? Thanks for any insight.
Steve Pan 2013-06-27
Matthew -

Continuing to block 2 would be good for your next cycle.
Dave 2013-11-01
Are your squat percentages based off your max squat or max clean?
Steve Pan 2013-11-05
Squat percentages are based off of your best squat.
Ricardo 2013-12-17
Don't have blocks or squat rack, and no fractional weights so I had to do some adjustments, comments would be appreciated:
Back Squat 95lbs
Hang Snatch 95lbs
Snatch Deadlift 115lbs
Overhead S 95lbs

In between each rep 100 jump rope.1600 total.

Noel Nocas 2014-03-24
7 kg PR from this cycle. Really tough the last week, but the legs are feeling strong.

190 ---> 197

200 is close!

Thanks guys,
Erick 2014-03-25
Back squat 10 reps x 3 rounds? Or 3 reps x 10 rounds?
Thank you for your programs, hitting catalyst athletics from Quito, Ecuador, south América.
Steve Pan 2014-03-25
Erick -

That would be 3 sets of 10 reps. Please read the program help section to the right for more information on notation and the program.
Steve 2015-07-23
I was wondering if there is a way to include narrow-grip OHS? Maybe alternating (weekly) with the regular OHS? Or 3 sets of 3 reps on Wednesday?
Thanks for the great programs!
Steve Pan 2015-07-27
Adding some light close grip OHS in on Monday or Wednesday should be fine. Don't go overboard.
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