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Wednesday March 28 2012
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Audra back squat
  • Back Squat - 75% x 5 x 5
  • Block (or hang) Clean (mid-thigh) - 65% x 3 x 5
  • Halting Clean Deadlift - 80% (of clean) x 3 x 3
  • SLDL - 60% (of back squat) x 5 x 3

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Tijs Klok 2012-03-27
Hey my name is Tijs and I am from The Netherlands.

I have a question, Where does SLDL stand for? The only thing I can think of is single leg deadlift.


Gr. T
Link 2012-03-27
Straight Leg Deadlift, or Stiff-legged Deadlift.
Link 2012-03-27
BS 310#
Blck Cln 185#...worked up to 225#
HCDL 230#
SLDL 245#
Nick 2012-03-28
interesting development here- been following the "being" group on OPT since August. Did not make regionals as an individual, and on monday our team was in 31st place. Decided working on strength/ olympic lifting would help me for next season so started monday with this cycle. Today somehow the scoreboard reshuffled and put our team in 29th. Thinking I will follow this cycle out to the end, then head back to OPT for the remainder until regionals. Any suggestions from anyone? Northeast regional weekend- May 25-27, so 4 weeks here, 4 weeks OPT
Nick 2012-03-28
bs 215#
hc 150#
hcdl 180#
sldl 165#

Gonna follow the rest of the cycle then go back to OPT, then hopefully jump back in for another cycle after regionals
Link 2012-03-29
What's OPT?
Nick 2012-03-29
@ Link- Optimum Performance Training

this site wont let me past the link. optexperience(dotcom)/blog
Tim 2012-04-03
BS 225
HC 165
HCDL 185
SLDL 185
ian 2013-08-02
oops, interpreted SLDL as single leg - those 90kgs felt real heavy and I was only able to do 4 reps per leg! Dropped down to 70kgs for the last two sets. Straight leg would have been alot easier for sure LOL!
SLDL-90/70 single leg :D
Ricardo Ramirez 2013-12-26
Back Squat 115
200 Jump R
Hang Clean 95
200 Jump R
200 Jump R
SLDF 135
200 JR

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