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Thursday March 29 2012
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Steve good clean pull position
  • Power Snatch - 65% x 3 x 4
  • Power Clean - 65% x 3 x 4
  • Power Jerk - 65% x 3 x 4
  • Snatch High-Pull - 70% x 3 x 3
3 sets; no rest:
600 m row
15 DB push press

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Link 2012-03-28
PS 140
PC 185
PJ 185
S HP 150
3 rounds f time, 600 row 45# DB PP x15, 9:09
dingle berry 2012-03-28
atta kid!
Nick 2012-03-29
ps 100
pc 140
pj 135
shp 115
conditioning- 8:33 35#db
Brandon 2012-03-30
Are the %s based off of your power snatch, clean, and jerk or are they %s of your regular (squat) clean, snatch....or split jerk ect?
Steve Pan 2012-03-30
The percentages should be based off of your best power snatch, power clean, and power jerk. If you don't have a power jerk max you can always feel out a weight that is appropriate for the day. The snatch high-pull percentage will be based off of your best snatch.

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