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Tuesday April 3 2012
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Alyssa snatch
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Nick 2012-04-04
Jerk- 175#
PP- 150/ 160#
JDS- 200#
4:21- dead hang supinated pull ups/ 32kg kbs

Split Jerk behind the neck still feel awkward. Some reps are good, some are off balance. Using % of 1RM Split Jerk from front. Push Press got tough on last 2 sets
Chad 2012-04-05
J- 155
pp- 125
jds- 205
Josh 2013-10-16
What's the theory of the behind the neck vs. regular jerk presses? Seems to violate the SAID principle to me.

I guess the real reason I ask is because I was (stupidly) doing weighted lunges for a few weeks on another training plan WITHOUT a bar whose collars rotated. This forced a lot of external rotation on my elbows and I believe one of my rotators is impinged. I've been working it out and it's feeling a lot better but when I tried to do the behind the necks today it flared up again. Doesn't hurt so much when I do regular.
Josh 2013-10-16
Hmm.... Let me clarify real quick. I am NOT challenging this free and incredible programming. That was simply a question of why behind the neck instead of in front.

Re-reading my comment made me seem like a jackass. I apologize if it came off that way.
Steve Pan 2013-10-16
Behind the neck jerks make it easier to feel where bar should go overhead as you do not have to clear the head/face to get it into the correct overhead position. It is a good exercise to reinforce that position. You may have some shoulder mobility issues that need to be corrected so you can perform the exercises safely. Continue working on jerks in a position that doesn't cause any injury and keep working on that mobility.
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