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Saturday April 7 2012
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Audra back squat
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Chad 2012-04-07
Front Squat- 200x3x8
Snatch-125x3x3, 135-f-1-f-1, 135-1-f-1 (receiving in the power position, but almost always out in front, 3rd pull tends to travel far away)
C&J- 155x3x2, 165x2x2
Sn high pull-115x3, 125x3x2
Glute ham raises and weighted ghd situps #45- 10x3

continue to warm up with tall muscle snatch, tall snatch, tall muscle clean and tall clean with weight... hoping this helps 3rd pull
Nick 2012-04-11
BS 235
SN 120/ 130
CJ 170/ 180
HP 115/ 120

Did this workout at a college gym in MD visiting family. Nice platform but crap barbell. Lost focus on snatches and cnj. Squats felt good
Adriana 2013-12-23
I had troubles with completing the back squats yesterday at 85%. My depth wasn't low enough, so i backed off a couple pounds and was able to finish.

Could me a mental thing.

Loving the program so far!
Steve Pan 2013-12-23
That should be okay to take the percentage off a bit lower than your max and make good full depth squats and get through the sets.
Adriana 2013-12-24
Cool, appreciate it Steve.
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