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Monday April 9 2012
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Alyssa snatch
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Nick 2012-04-11
BS 205x10x2/ 215x10x1
SN 115x3x3/ 125x3x1/ 135x3x1
OHS 135x3x3/ 155x3x1/ 165x3x1

One day behind due to travel. Spent all day monday in the car, felt really weak and sluggish for this. everything felt heavy
Cath Pringle 2013-02-20
Is there some sort of time frame we should be placing on work outs? Whilst I am focused I am taking rests and there are some interruptions etc being in a busy gym. For example, this workout to 1 1/2 hours - is this too long? Also what would be the natural progression on from this program - in particular, I would like to focus on my Snatch?

Steve Pan 2013-02-21
Cath -

90-120 minutes should be good to complete these workouts. Make sure you are getting enough rest to make good lifts, but not so much that you are getting cold.

The classic/position cycle or the classic cycles would be good to improve the snatch and clean & jerk.
Cath Pringle 2013-02-21
Great. Thank you Steve for your time.
Rein Havang 2013-04-15
does wt mean weight?

I'm norwegian..(my excuse)
Steve Pan 2013-04-17
Rein -

That is correct "wt" is short for weight.
Rein 2013-04-23
Paula 2014-02-12
3 sets of 10 reps x 73% ? just making sure if i read it correctly.
Paula 2014-02-12
What should i use for the % of the Overhead Squat? Snatch 1 RM?

Steve Pan 2014-02-13
3 sets of 10 reps at 73% is correct.

OHS % should come from your best OHS, and if you don't have one best snatch should be a good baseline to use.
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