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Saturday April 14 2012
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Aimee snatch
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Tony 2012-04-14

I handled the first two parts of this workout fine. I never missed a lift between either of the snatch or c&j progressions except my second snatch at 175 lbs. during the 80% x 3 portion. I handled all other portions fine. And just to paint a picture my 85% x 2 for the snatch was 185 pounds and my 85% x 2 for the c&j was 235 pounds. I had no problems there. However, my 1 rep max for the back squat is currently 365 pounds. 88% of that is around 321 pounds. I put 315 on and it was all I could do to get a set of three; let alone 8 sets... What do you think is going here? Am I just not accustomed to this kind of volume? Or do I just need to fortify some "mensticular fortitude?" Your thoughts?

PS - I just backed off the weight to about 245 and did the sets prescribed but at a dynamic effort.
Greg Everett 2012-04-16
Tony -

It could be a number of things. Could be that you're not accustomed to this kind of training volume/intensity and so aren't recovering adequately. Could be that the PR you're using isn't accurate anymore. I would suggest sticking w the program this week, as it will be very light and easy, and testing the back squat on Saturday as planned, then using that as your max for calculations in the next cycle.
Nick 2012-04-17
SN 120/ 130/ 140/ 130x2
CJ 170/ 180/ 192/ 180x2
BS 242

Skipped high pulls due to time. Greg, I notice that when I'm thinking "full snatch" I have a tough time getting under the bar. I think its due to backing off on the 3rd pull as i'm thinking "drop under it". Do you have any suggestions to improve this? I was thinking tall snatches to get more aggressive in the 3rd pull?
Greg Everett 2012-04-17
Nick -

Sounds like the problem is that you're thinking of "dropping" under the bar. You can't drop, you have to pull yourself down under it. The first and second pull are identical to the power snatch - but the third pull just changes in the sense that you need to squat down farther as you pull against the bar with your arms to get under it. Try some tall snatches (video in the exercise demo section of the site) to get the feel for this aggressive pull under.
Brian 2013-05-10
Are the squats 3 sets by 8 reps or 8 sets by 3 reps? I'm hoping 8x3... Thanks.
Steve Pan 2013-05-13
Brian -

It is 8 sets of 3 reps at 88%.
Brian 2013-05-13
I did 8x3 on the 10th. Not really by choice. It was all I could do to get 3 reps of each after the snatches and clean and jerks. Thanks for the reply.
Heisenberg 2014-02-24
Hi, would it be different if I first do the squats before the snatch and C&J? i think i won't be able to finish the squat sets if i did the classical lifts first but i think i can still finish the whole workout if i did the squats then the classical lifts(without failed set/reps).
your thoughts?

Steve Pan 2014-03-06
Heisenberg -

Depends on what your goal is. If your goal is leg strength it may be okay to do the squats first, if you want to improve the classic lifts I would recommend doing the snatch and c&j first.
Brian Hughes 2014-08-24
So today like a fool I decided to attempt the heaviest day of the programost first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Well on after the final rep of the final set or clean and jerks I came the closest I've ever come to blacking out. Needless to say I pretty much was out of gas for back squats and snatch pulls... Should I back squat tomorrow than take a day of rest or should I rest and continue with the program as is?
Steve Pan 2014-08-25
Get the squats in and see how you feel to continue the next week.
Nic Adami 2015-11-14
if you're able to up weight on the last set with these. you're an animal.
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