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Wednesday April 18 2012
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Steve dip for jerk
  • Snatch - 60% x 1 x 5
  • Clean & Jerk - 60% x 1 x 5
  • Back Squat - 40% x 2 x 3 (focus on acceleration up)
  • Squat jump - 3 x 3

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Nick 2012-04-20
SN 97.5
CJ 135
BS 115
SJ- Completed

Worked some tall snatches after warming up before the full snatches. used empty bar, 65, 75lb for sets of 5. Definitely carried over into the snatch work. Greg, would you recommend working up to a heavy double or single with the tall snatch to really hammer the 3rd pull?
Tommy Malone 2015-01-01
During the deload weeks should I maintain the same rest in between sets? I get a little antsy when the load/volume decreases? I try to just focus on making my reps perfect but I'm chomping at the bit to work. Thanks
Steve Pan 2015-01-01
The same rest should be good between sets. Don't go crazy and keep working on making everything sharp. Get fresh so you can make some memories the next week.

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