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Monday April 23 2012
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Aimee back squat
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Noel Nocas 2014-01-06

If we are doing this cycle after the 4-Week Leg Strength Block 1 cycle, should we still max out on the first cycle. If yes, should we then take a back off week then hit this one running? If no, then I assume week 4 of Block 1 is the back off (without a max) and just jump right into Block 2.

Steve Pan 2014-01-06
You will max out at the end of the fourth week and you should be good to go to roll right in to block two once you hit the max.
Noel Nocas 2014-01-10
Thanks Steve
ds 2014-01-12
Is the block snatch (knee) from above or below the knee?
Steve Pan 2014-01-13
DS -

The block snatch should be right in front of the knee if possible.
Ted 2014-01-22
Hi, may i know what cycle should be used or what cycle did you use after week 4 of this?
The weeks 9 to 12 of the original 12 week mesocycle. since the 2 leg blocks are from weeks 1 to 8.

Steve Pan 2014-01-24
After week 4 will be the start of Block 2 of the Leg Strength Cycle.
Brandon 2015-07-06
Back Squat - 65% x 10 x 3
at first I thought this was 3sets of 10 reps but after reading the help page it looks like 10sets of 3reps. Is that right, 10sets of 3reps?
Steve Pan 2015-07-06
Brandon -

That prescription is for 3 sets of 10 reps. The help page here describes the notation.
Brandon 2015-07-06
Ok, now I see. I read over it too quickly the first time.
Thanks for the fast response!
Dennis 2015-07-28
Hi Guys,

are we suppose to take the new maxes from the 1st cycle or the ones before the 1st cycle?
Steve Pan 2015-07-28
Dennis -

Take the percentages off of your current maxes.
George 2015-07-29
Hi guys,

I didn't manage to set a new max from the 1st cycle but I did manage to equal my PR.
How should I continue from here? I've inputted a 5kg increase for cycle 2 and I'm working off of that.
Steve Pan 2015-07-29
George -

That should be okay, but monitor how you feel and adjust if the weights are overboard. You shouldn't miss any of squat reps through the first 3 weeks.
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