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Saturday May 19 2012
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Kara jerk
  • Back Squat - test max
  • Snatch - heavy single
  • Clean & Jerk - heavy single
Don't expect PRs on the snatch and CJ today. If your heavy single is less thn 85%, get some additional singles in between 75-80% afterward.

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David 2012-05-19
10 lb PR over last 4 weeks, 371 today. Snatch still off, 160, CJ ok at 220. 167 bw, 49 y/o.

Thanks for the programming
krys 2012-05-21
back squat 365
snatch 87
c&j 116
Jean-Benoit Larouche 2014-02-23
Back Squat: 340 lbs, 5 lbs more
Snatch: Still 185 lbs, it's technical, got 205 power snatch however PR
C&J: Reached an ugly 265 lbs.
Thiago Castro 2014-10-27
is that ok to do Clean and Jerk before the Snatch? as i'm focusing in my clean and jerk i always fell a bit tired after the snatch
Steve Pan 2014-10-31
That should be okay to do the C&J first on this day.
Brandon 2015-01-06
How disappointed should I be that I didn't hit a new PR on my Squat here? I am stronger though, as I hit my old PR for both snatch and C&J after I hit my current PR for squat. I made a 5K jump from my last set of BS so maybe too big? Maybe I just got scared and a little dizzy, so I bailed. Either way, love the program.
Steve Pan 2015-01-07
Brandon -

You should set up your squats so that you don't match your current PR. When going for a max make sure you try to beat that PR by at least a kilo instead of repeating the previous PR. It is okay that you didn't make a PR as you probably increased your strength but it just didn't show on this day.

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