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Monday June 18 2012
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Chyna snatch
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Alex 2012-06-18
SLDL??? Thx.
Steve Pan 2012-06-18
SLDL is a Stiff Leg Dead Lift. There is a video here: catalystathletics.com/exercises/exercise.php?exerciseID=86

krys 2012-06-18
bs 275 3x5
snpulls 175 3x2 185 3x2
halting sndeadift 155 3x3
sldl 275 3x5
Alex 2012-06-18
Do we find our max everyday for that given day? On back squat I would find my 1rm then do the prescribed.... 3 rep at 70% of today 1rm for 5 sets. Is this correct for daily WODs? Thx.
Steve Pan 2012-06-18
You do not find a 1RM on these. For this workout you will do the prescribed weight for the reps listed (Backsquat 70% for 3 reps for 5 sets)

The days that have a Heavy Single it will say to find your HS for the day and there will be back off sets and reps listed.

There is more information listed at the About The Program Tab on the right side of the page. (catalystathletics.com/workouts/about.php)
Allie 2012-07-31
About the cycle: preparatory for what? Thanks!
Steve Pan 2012-08-01
Preparatory for weightlifting!
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