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Tuesday June 19 2012
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Joo-young snatch
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krys 2012-06-19
do you perform one full snatch, then stay at the bottom on the second snatch?
Chris 2012-06-19
@Krys - I approached the Snatch + OHS as 2 full snatches, going to triple extension after each, then 1 OHS with pause.
krys 2012-06-19
1. 70 2x3 75 2x2
2. 8502x4
3 85 3x5
Steve Pan 2012-06-19
Chris is correct. As written above it should be 2 snatches and then a pause OHS.
JoeSink 2012-06-27
Is that the same with the power clean and jerk? Just a bit confused, thanks!

How should it be completed?
Steve Pan 2012-06-27
For the power clean + power jerk portion it shows 2(1+1) so it is power clean, power jerk, power clean, power jerk for a set.
JoeSink 2012-06-27
Thanks for clearing up!
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