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Thursday June 21 2012
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Alyssa clean
  • Power Clean + Clean + Jerk - 65% (of clean) x 1+1+1 x 4
  • Mid-Hang Snatch - 60% x 3 x 4
  • Snatch Push Press + Overhead Squat - 70% (of snatch) x 4+1 x 3
3 sets: no rest:
10 DB hang power clean + push press
1 rope climb (or 10 rope pull-ups)

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krys 2012-06-20
95 2x5
95 2x3 102 2x3
85 3x3
rdl's because good mornings scare me
80 3x5
krys 2012-06-20
this is yesterdays number my bad
krys 2012-06-21
complex @ 80 x4
60 off of blocks 4x3
70 complex 4x3
Ct 2013-12-18
What should be the rest in between I've been doing like a emotm style is that good
Steve Pan 2013-12-18
Take appropriate rest time between sets to make good reps. You may be able to get away with EMOTM on this day as the weights are light.

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