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Thursday August 2 2012
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Wendy push press
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Cyrus Cruz 2013-02-19
Hi i am new to weightlifting and your site has really helped a lot. I just have a few questions to clear my mind off things.
1. i noticed that you don't have military presses/reverse flyes/lateral raises in your program, are these not needed for shoulder development for weightlifting?

2. Do you have a program here that targets/helps to increase the jerk 1 RM? because i can clean around 10-15 kgs more than what i can jerk. It is really my limiting factor.

3. I can only train from Monday to Friday. i am thinking of just following the cycle and not do the weekly Thursday workout to make it a rest day and do the heavy singles on Friday instead of Saturday. (4x/week) What is your advice/opinion on this?
or should i just make it a monday to friday workout and have the weekends as 2 rest days. (5x/week training)
Greg Everett 2013-02-21
1. I like press and press variations and you can add them in if you want. Flyes are definitely not necessary, but they won't kill you if you want to add them in.
2. Not specifically. Just substitute some additional jerk training for some of the other work you don't feel you need; for example on Tues/Thurs in most programs, you'll be doing power variations or more technique-oriented exercises. Switch a couple of those out for jerk work.
3. I would just do Saturday's workout on Friday and take Sat-Sun off. If you need to reduce the work a bit on Thurs, that's fine, but if you build up to it appropriately, you'll be fine training 5 straight days.
Cyrus 2013-02-23
Thanks Greg for answering my concerns! I really appreciate the help.
1. Do you have any tips/advice on how can I incorporate the overhead press/press variations in this cycle (sets and reps, exercise order)?
Because in the cycle, there is upper body work everyday. Even though these are comprised only of jerks and push presses, if I add the strict military presses after the main workout in a wrong way, these might make me fatigued for the next training day.

2. Actually, we don't have jerk boxes or pulling blocks in the gym where i train. I want to get your advice regarding additional jerk training, can/should i apply it in this cycle or just complete this cycle first without modifications and just apply this in the next cycle?
[If yes, can you give me an advice how can i incorporate additional jerk work in this cycle? [exercise,sets & reps, which exercise should i eliminate if there is any]

3. I feel that it is too much work already if i incorporate both question 1(military pressing) and question 2(jerk training) in this cycle even if i want to. Can i get your opinion on this?
Steve Pan 2013-02-26
Cyrus -

1. You can add in additional pressing work as long as it doesn't interfere with the rest of the program.

2. You can take the jerks out of a rack if needed. Greg suggested above to substitute exercises from Tuesday/Thursday if you are really wanting extra work on the jerk. You will have to feel out rep ranges for these exercises and try not to go too crazy on the volume on these days.

3. I would suggest sticking to the original program and focusing on your jerk technique during clean & jerk days. See how the program goes and make adjustments after.
Cyrus 2013-02-27
Any advice on the load,sets and repetitions for the military pressing? How many times a week?(MWF?)

Greg Everett 2013-02-28
Cyrus -

Maybe 2x/wk, one day reps 8-12, one day reps 3-5 or so. Feel it out!
Robert H. 2013-04-07
Hey Greg. I'm a CrossFit coach incorporating your cycles into my regular programming. For today's work, should the 3 minutes of jump rope be single or double unders? I'm extremely comfortable with a jump rope, and that kind of time would leave me with something in the range of 500+ double unders
Steve Pan 2013-04-08
Robert -

Regular jumps for the jump rope should be fine.
Bill 2014-02-17
Can you explain the rep progression for Power Clean + Push Press and Snatch Press + Snatch balance? ×2 (2+1) ×5? Not sure if im reading it wrong but how many reps/sets of each?
Steve Pan 2014-02-18
It will be 2 power cleans and 1 push press twice, for five sets.

The Snatch Push Press + Snatch Balance will be 3 snatch push presses and 1 Snatch Balance per set.
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