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Saturday August 25 2012
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Steve clean pull
  • Snatch - heavy single
  • Clean & Jerk - heavy single
  • Clean Pull - 105% (of clean) x 3 x 3
  • Back Squat - 70% x 2 x 5

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Salty 2013-04-08
Hit another PR today, I did hang snatch instead of full snatch and hit 185. Right now that is my PR for both snatch and hang snatch. I know that is not how it should be, however I end up a little forward most of the time when I pull from the ground.
Matthew 2013-06-07
If we feel good could we tie/exceed a PR for heavy singles? And is that just one single or as many as we feel necessary?
Steve Pan 2013-06-07
Matthew -

Yes you should make an attempt at beating your PR. Try not to tie, if you feel good attempt at least 1 kilo over your best. You will work your way up and go to the best you can do for the day, try not to go after a weight more than 3 times.

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