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Saturday September 1 2012
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Chyna snatch
  • Front Squat - max
  • Snatch - heavy single
  • Clean & Jerk - heavy single

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Salty 2013-04-13
PR on front Squat 275#. Felt like I could have maybe hit more but I stopped there. The gym we have right now sucks and there is no plates smaller than 5 kilos. Nothing special today on Snatch or Clean & Jerk. Felt tired when it was time to Jerk.
olly 2013-07-13
Hi greg i was just wondering the thought behind the back squat percentages being so low throughout the cycle

Greg Everett 2013-07-16

If the weights feel light, you need to either get a more accurate squat max, or up the weights a bit.
olly 2013-07-20
Are the back squats 2 sets of 5 or 5 sets of 2, i have been doing them as the later which maybe why they feel so light
Steve Pan 2013-07-24
This day has you working to a heavy single.

You can check the Program Help section to the right for information about the notation.
Andy 2013-09-28
Well what a crappy day. tweaked my back on thursday on a warmup lift, and have been i cripple since then. BARELY made 95% on front squat, couldn't even snatch 85%, and quit before clean and jerks.
Markus Schuster 2013-10-13
Just finished doing the cycle and went from a 105 kg / 231 lbs FS to a 115 kg / 253 lbs FS (10 kg / 22 lbs. PR).
Did not really test for a Snatch or Clean & Jerk Max.

Will keep using the cycle for the team weightlifting season.
Michael Johnson 2013-12-15
Me and my buddy just finished this cycle.
I went from a 128kg front squat to a 130kng front squat.
although I think I had more i just made stupid jumps after that.
my buddy went from a 132 front squat to a 143 front.

I prd my snatch going from 93 to 95, almost making 97.

we both PRd our clean and jerk. starting with a 111kg Cj ending up with a 115, almost making 118 but couldn't quite make the jerk.

Thanks for the good cycle!
Markus Schuster 2014-01-24
Did the cycle once again:

- Front Squat: 105 in SEP to 120 in JAN.
- Snatch: 90 in SEP to 97 in JAN.
- Clean & Jerk: 92 (bad competition) in SEP to 112 in JAN

Thanks for making that great programming available!
Markus Schuster
Owner / Head Coach
Mark Stubbs 2014-05-01
Thank you Greg and Catalyst Athletics.

Just finished this cycle. Solid improvement in Snatch, from a lucky 99-100 to a very solid 101-102 and a lucky 105 training PB. C&J from around 125 to 130kg. Achieved a 10kg improvement in my back squat from 165 to 175kg! Really stoked. Testing front squat this weekend.

Start of cycle competition totals FEB-14 SN: 95 (missed 100) and C&J: 127 [grinding out the clean]. End of cycle competition totals APR-14 SN: 101 and C&J: 127 [easy clean] (six out of six).

Thank you.

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