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Monday September 3 2012
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Tamara power clean
  • Snatch - 60%x3, 65%x3, 70%x3x4
  • Snatch Pull - 90% (of sn) x 3 x 4
  • Back Squat - 70% x 6 x 5
  • SLDL - 3x5
If you feel good, take the weights up after at least 1 set at the prescribed heaviest weight.

Week 1 of 12

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Diane 2012-09-03
When you mean take the weight up. Are you referring to all the movements or just the snatch?
Steve Pan 2012-09-04
It is meant to take the weight up for all exercises if you feel good.
Alvin 2013-02-24
when you say "70%x3x4"
do you mean do 70% 3 reps then next set 4 reps or
70% 3 sets of 4 reps?
Steve Pan 2013-02-26
Alvin -

That would be 70% for 4 sets of 3 reps.

The Program Help section at the right of the page will have more information on the notation and the training cycles.
Jeff 2013-06-24

I may not be acquanted with the website enough to know the short-hand: does "SLDL" snatch deadlift?

Steve Pan 2013-06-25
SLDL is stiff legged dead lift. A demo can be found in the exercises tab above.
Suli 2013-12-28
70% x 6 x 5
6 sets or 5?
Steve Pan 2013-12-30
Suli -

That would be 5 sets of 6. Check the Program Help section at the right for information on the notation.

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