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Monday September 17 2012
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Aimee snatch
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SGS 2012-09-17
Hi there, One quick question regarding reps. If the exercise is 85% 3*5 snatch. Should I after completing the first rep drop the bar on the ground, repostition myself and go right into the 2 rep or do I not drop the bar at all and do the all reps in the sett unbroken?
Personally I'm not used to unbroken sets with snatch and cleans when the % of max is 70% or higher
J. Rose 2012-09-17
Hi, I'm new to this site and am wondering what kind of back squat, low bar or high bar? thanks
Samuel Aguirre 2012-09-17
always high bar
Tmlovell 2012-09-17
Hey my hip bones are bruised form hitting the bar off my hips in the snatch, any tips on how to heal this faster of prevent it from happening again?
Steve Pan 2012-09-17
Tmlovell -

Stop banging the bar into your hips! You should be sliding the bar up your thighs and brushing it up the hips rather than slamming it into the hips and brusing them.

Check out the article here: catalystathletics.com/articles/article.php?articleID=125
Steve Pan 2012-09-17

You should drop the bar and reset your position for each lift in the set. The set will be unbroken as long as you are near the bar (within reason). A few seconds rest or a couple breaths between reps should be good.
Tmlovell 2012-09-17
With the snatches today i tried brushing and it worked out alot better and my 3rm was higher than i expected! Thanks!
SGS 2012-09-18
Steve Pan
Ok that makes way more sense, thank's
chris 2014-04-26
after i find out my 1RM, do i do 1x6 RM on BS and 1x3 RM on snatch?
chris 2014-04-26
or I 6x1 and 3x1 RM after i have find out RM or do i before ?
Steve Pan 2014-04-28
Chris -

It is just work to a 3RM in the snatch and a 6RM in the back squat. There are no back off sets or 1RMs today.
Jeff 2014-09-01

My 3 rep max snatch proved to be higher than my 1 rep max. Should I raise the wheights to fit my new max lifts? Or should i keep the "old" max lifts that i started the program with?
Steve Pan 2014-09-02
You will adjust your weights to a new max. You will have to make a judgement call on what that is until you test for a new 1RM.
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