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Saturday September 29 2012
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Eastman snatch
  • Snatch - 65%x2, 70%x2x2, 75%x1x2, 80%x1x3
  • Clean & Jerk - 65%x2+1, 70%x2+1x2, 75%x1+1x2, 80%x1+1x3
  • Back Squat - 75% x 2 x 4

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Ustas 2012-09-29
Please explain that "65%x2+1".
Ido 2012-09-29
Hi guys, I've just started following the wod blog and was wondering if someone could please explain the "+1"?

So as per above question "65%x2+1"

Braden 2012-09-29
Ustas and Ido, see the "Program Help" link to the right.
Steve Pan 2012-10-01
The 2+1 means 2 cleans and 1 jerk for those sets.

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