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Saturday October 13 2012
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Steve jerk
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Gabe 2012-10-12

If I am unable to train on Saturdays or Sundays, how would you recommend adjusting schedule so as not to miss any work? Just train all 5 weekdays with no rest day (Friday's work on Thursday and Saturday's on Friday)? I appreciate any suggestions.
Steve Pan 2012-10-13
Gabe -

You can move Saturday's workout to Friday and make Thursday's workout a little lighter if you are struggling on that last workout. You can also move one of the exercises from Thursday to Tuesday if that helps you get a good Friday workout.
Gabe 2012-10-13

Great suggestion. Thanks!
Zack 2013-05-19
heavy single snatch - 220... +10 from the previous week
heavy single clean and jerk - 280... +5 from previous week

continued to work on cleans...got up to 295...miss 3 times on 300...close though

thanks for the great programming
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