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Monday November 5 2012
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Mike clean
  • Snatch - heavy single, (90%x1, 95%x1, HS) x 3
  • Clean & Jerk - heavy single, (90%x1+1, 95%x1+1, HS) x 3
  • Clean Pull - 105% (of cln) x 2 x 5
  • Front Squat - heavy single, (90%x1, 95%x1, HS) x 3
On snatch, Cj and FS, work up to a heavy single. Then 3 times, drop down to 90% of that HS for a single, then 95% for a single, then try to repeat that heavy single.

Week 10 of 12

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Greg M. 2012-11-05
Long workout today. Not enough time for the squats and pulls (but the snatches and CJ's were awesome)). Should I shift them to tomorrow?
Greg Everett 2012-11-05
Yes you can do them tomorrow
Michael K 2012-12-19
For anyone doing this workout at a later date ... it is a long one (as Greg M said above). Including the work-up to the heavy singles, there can be anywhere from 45 to 55 sets. If you do a lift once every three minutes, that works out to something around two and a half hours.

...just for planning purposes.
C 2014-01-21
you mean, after doing a heavy single, you will drop down to 90% of that and do 3 singles, then go up to 95% then do 3 singles
and for the last. you will try to redo your heavy single for 3 times? wow
Steve Pan 2014-01-24
C -

That is correct.
C 2014-02-09
Hi steve, just to clarify. After doing HS, i will do:
wave 1: 90%,95%, HS
wave 2: 90%,95%, HS
wave 3: 90%,95%, HS

1: 90%,90%,90%
2: 95%,95%,95%
Steve Pan 2014-02-11
The top one with the waves is correct.

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