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Thursday November 8 2012
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Jessica clean
  • Snatch - heavy single; 85%x2x4
  • Clean & Jerk - heavy single; 85%x2+1x4
  • Snatch Pull - 105% (of sn) x 2 x 5
  • Back Squat - heavy single, (90%x1, 95%x1, HS) x 3

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Rick G 2012-11-07
Can some one give me more insight into a heavy single? Yes... I know it means work out to a heavy weight you can lift one time, but was wondering if we were looking for anything else in it and I wanted to know what a heavy single is compared to your 1RM? Also, when it says to do a percentage after a heavy single, is it the percentage of the single or your 1RM?
Steve Pan 2012-11-07
For the heavy single you will work up to your best for the day, so it may be 90-95% of your best or less if you are not feeling great or you may set a new PR. For the back off sets on the heavy single you will calculate it off of the heavy single for the day not your 1RM.
Rick G 2012-11-07
As always, thanks Steve

On another note, what has any one heard about the new red adidas WL shoes. Just wanted some personal reviews, I have used pendlays in the past and really liked those??? comparison?
Greg Everett 2012-11-14
Rick -

People seem to really like them. I haven't used them personally. Compared to the Pendlays, they'll be lighter and a bit more stable.

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