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Saturday November 24 2012
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Audra snatch
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Greg M. 2012-11-25
PR's in both my snatch and BS. C&J was comparable to what I did about this time last year (about the same time I injured my shoulder). Great programming!!

Greg Ubiaga 2014-12-10
just about to finish this programe in about a week. i've got some great results so far. made strength gains in everything. even bench press. I'm just wondering what would be the next program to go onto. I was looking at the 12 week complete cycle. would that be a good choice to do? or could I go back to the start of the trad cycle again for another 12 weeks?
Steve Pan 2014-12-11
Greg -

Look through the cycles and choose one that fits your needs. If you are feeling that leg strengh is lacking the 12-Week Complete cycle will be 2 blocks of leg strength followed by a Bulgarian style block. If you want to focus on the lifts there are cycles that will work on positioning and pulling.
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