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Monday November 26 2012
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Chyna clean
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Dustin 2012-11-25
If I don't know my 1RM should I test that at the start of each exercise (i.e. determine 1RM for snatch then do the 3 position snatch and snatch pull, then determine a 1RM for backsquat then do the back squat as rx'd)?
Adam 2012-11-25
If it was me, I wouldn't do that all in one workout. You're better off using the snatch on day to find your 1RM since most of the programming will be based on it. Then jump in on day 2.
Jason 2012-11-26
I have two questions concerning this cycle. One, on the 3 position lifts, does one set equal:load the bar with 60% do the 3 lifts, load 65% do 3 lifts, and finally load 70% do 3 lifts for an actual total of 9 lifts/set? And is this a general work cycle or is there a speicfic goal/emphasis? Thanks.
Noel N 2012-11-26
What can we expect for the next 8 weeks programming? Working on anything specific or is this a general cycle?

Greg Everett 2012-11-26
Dustin -

You need a max sn/cj and squats to effectively run this cycle. If you don't have them, you'll have to go by feel, which can work, but it makes it trickier. I would suggest starting with another program that establishes 1RMs before jumping into these workouts - try the starter program linked to in the workouts info page.
Greg Everett 2012-11-26
Jason -

Each set is 3 total reps - 1 from each position. On 70%, you do 4 sets of 3 total reps per set.
Greg Everett 2012-11-26
Noel -

Nothing specific, but it will peak for max sn and cj on week 8.
Jason 2012-11-26
Thanks Greg. That makes more sense now that I look at it. Sorry for the stupid question!
Keneth 2012-11-26
Greg I have a question, above this training day but I hope you can give me a little answer:
My legs are very weak. I tried a lot to improve my strength, but without succes. Have you some advices to work on it. How much times should I squat per week and how to manage the intensity.
Thank you very much!

Greg Everett 2012-11-28
Keneth -

Try some of the squat/leg emphasis training cycles on the site.
Gordo 2012-12-02
Going to work a week behind on this cycle so i can juggle the work schedule and balance being on the other side of the world (Japan).
3p snatch 43, 47; 51 x 3 x 4 from the floor
Sn Pull 65x3x2, 70x3x2
Push-press 1RM: 75kg (haven't gone heavy on these in a while so wanted to re-baseline)
B Squat 85x5x5
charles 2013-07-31
3-Position Snatch (floor, below knee, above knee) - 60%, 65%, 70% x 4 sets

does this mean you do a snatch from the floor then snatch from below the knee then snatch from above the knee?

1 round is 1 cycle of 60 65 and 70%?

sorry for such noob question just making sure.

Steve Pan 2013-08-07
Charles -

You will do 1 set at 60%, 1 set at 65%, and 4 sets at 70%.
Aaron 2013-10-20
Would it be a bad idea to do 2 different cycles at the same time?
Steve Pan 2013-10-21
Aaron -

Yes, that would be a terrible idea. Read the Program Help section to the right and refer to the "combining programs" section.
Eli 2014-03-31
Do you guys go by Reps Sets or the other way around?
Steve Pan 2014-03-31
Eli -

Please read the Program Help section to the right for information on notation.

If there is a prescribed weight it will be reps followed by sets. 65%x3x5 will be 5 sets of 3 reps at 65%.
craig 2014-04-27
Are snatches to be considered full squat snatches unless otherwise noted?
Steve Pan 2014-04-28
Snatch always implies a full squat unless noted to be a power snatch.
nada 2014-07-01
how do I know which program is best for me? my goal is to significantly increase my snatch and clean and jerk for crossfit ( I am currently beginning with a 100lb snatch and 140lb clean and jerk)
Steve Pan 2014-07-01
Nada -

Take a look at the training cycles and see which ones fit your needs depending on your deficiencies.
Chris 2014-11-30
Is the weight for the 3 position snatch based on my snatch max or 3 pos snatch max?
Steve Pan 2014-12-02
Chris -

Based on max snatch.
Robert 2014-12-15
We are maintaining grip throughout the 3 position snatch if possible, correct?
Steve Pan 2014-12-16
Robert -

That is correct, maintain grip if possible.
Matt B 2015-05-20
Just wondering if it was advisable to use straps on the 3 position snatches or if this would diminish the benefit of the exercise?
Steve Pan 2015-05-20
Matt -

It should be okay to use straps on the 3-position snatches. If you want to work on your grip strength you may opt to do these without the straps.
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