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Wednesday November 28 2012
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Jessica clean
  • 3-Position Clean (floor, below knee, above knee) + Jerk - 60%, 65%, 70% x 4 sets
  • Clean Pull - 90% (of cln) x 3 x 2, 95% x 3 x 2
  • Front Squat - 70% x 3 x 5
  • Good Morning - 3x5

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Brandon E 2012-11-28
Hi Greg,
I had commented previously about the 3 block leg strength program. I loved the first four weeks and I am in my deload week of the 2nd block. Thank you again for posting these programs on your blog.

Can you tell me the focus of the 8 week program you started Monday?
James 2012-11-28
On a WOD like today's, just to confirm , that would be 1 rep from each of the 3 positions on the clean correct ? I have seen 3 reps at each possition. Thank you for all you do.
Greg Everett 2012-11-28
Brandon -

No particular focus - it will work toward max snatch and clean & jerk on the last Saturday of the cycle.
Greg Everett 2012-11-28
James -

1 rep from each position = 1 set.
James 2012-11-28
Greg just wanted to let you know,at my gym we follow your program, daily. i also have used the Masers cycle for four of my lifters, all PRed or got a medal. Thank You. I know a few weeks ago you had asked.
Gordo 2012-12-05
C&J 57x3+1, 61x3+1, 65x3+1
Clean Pull 85x3x2, 90x3x2
F Squat 70x3x5
Good Morning 50x5x3
Michael K. 2013-01-23
Only one jerk per set, right?
Steve Pan 2013-01-24
Michael -

Only one jerk per set is correct.
Daniel 2013-06-19
Just out of curiosity, how do I know how much to use for good mornings? Thanks!

- Daniel
Steve Pan 2013-06-20
Daniel -

You should feel out a weight that you can really keep a good back arch and stay safe with. They should be a light to moderate weight. Try starting at 40kg or so and feeling out a weight from there.
Daniel 2013-06-21
Thanks for the reply. Last question. Is everything written as:



Steve Pan 2013-06-25
If there is a prescription for the weight it will be reps then sets. So 70%x3x5 is 5 sets of 3 reps at 70%. There is more information on the notation at the program help section on the right.
craig 2014-04-27
on the 3 position clean, is it a squat clean or power clean we are supposed to perform or doesn't that matter?
Steve Pan 2014-04-28
It will be a full squat for each clean.
J Lra 2014-09-24
The first movement is confusing. I get the 3 position clean + jerk but the percentages and the "x4 sets" at the end throws it off. Are we supposed to do one 3-position clean with 65% then load 70% then 75% and that's one set?
Steve Pan 2014-09-25
J Lra -

You will do one set at 60%, one set at 65%, four sets at 75%.

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