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Saturday December 1 2012
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Tamara block clean
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John Murphy 2012-12-01
Hi Greg, I have an injured hip and basically I cannot squat near parallell. Meaning I also cannot do squat cleans or snatches. I can do everything else (Power cleans and snatches, Pulls, jerks etc).
How would you go about writing a program for me and what could I do to address my problem of having weak quads since I can't squat? Thanks
Thomas 2013-10-30
Heavy set? Can you explain please that would be very helpfull
Thomas 2013-10-30
Heavy single I mean
Jeff Coleman 2014-04-06
Can someone please explain x3x5 is that 3 sets of 5 reps or does it mean 5 sets of 3 reps
Steve Pan 2014-04-07
Jeff -

Please read the Program Help section to the right for information on the notation.

75%x3x5 would be 5 sets of 3 reps at 75% of your best Back Squat.
alvin delos santos 2014-06-08
sir what SLDL stand for?
Steve Pan 2014-06-09
SLDL = Stiff Legged Dead Lift
Aris 2014-08-08
In sldl that you havent % is 3 reps 5 set or 5 reps 3 set? And what kilos?
Steve Pan 2014-08-08
Aris -

If there is no weight prescription it will be sets then reps. So 3 sets of 5 reps for this. You will have to feel out a weight that is appropriate for 5 reps.
Jodey 2014-09-13
For the heavy single, would you suggest continuing with single sets to build up to a heavy weight if it feels alright?
Steve Pan 2014-09-15
Jodey -

That is correct. There is more information on heavy singles in the program help section to the right.
Jeremy Sheppard 2015-10-14
Is the second "heavy single" for a Clean & Jerk 2+1 or 1+1?


Steve Pan
Jimmy Toppeta 2015-11-27
Does 60%X2 of snatch mean 2 reps or 2 sets?
2 reps.

Steve Pan
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