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Monday December 10 2012
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Hans 2014-12-18
what is RM?
Steve Pan 2014-12-18
RM is rep max. So 5RM is 5 rep max. For more information on notation refer to the Program Help & Info section above.
Jorge 2015-02-17
When it says max after the 80% does that mean go for a 1RM? Or does it mean those percentages should be from your max?
Steve Pan 2015-02-17
Jorge -

Work up past the 80% and go for the best 3-position snatch you can get to. The percentages before are off of your best snatch single.
Michael 2015-05-15

quick question about this rep/set scheme, Push Press - 70% x 5, 75% x 5, 5RM
is it 2 sets of 5 one at 70% and the other at 75% of your 5 rep max?


Steve Pan 2015-05-15
That is correct you will do a set of five at 70% and 75% and then work to a 5 rep max.
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