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Monday January 21 2013
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Brian clean
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Steve 2013-01-24
This may be a dumb question.

In regards to the initial set of front & back squats, should one work up to the heavy % or begin at the higher perscribed %?

Thanks, love the site.
Greg Everett 2013-04-19
Always warm up to you working weights
Adrian 2013-04-22
Hi Greg,

Do you recommend doing each training day in one session or could we split the training into two sessions in a day?
Greg Everett 2013-04-23
Adrian -

Splitting up the work into multiple sessions is fine.
Vythand 2013-04-24
Coach Everett,

For cycles that are largely based on working up to a heavy set, how do you know what is, or isn't, heavy enough? Where do you draw the line between doing too much and doing too little?

Steve Pan 2013-04-25
Vythand -

You will know when it is too much for the day. Don't take more than 3 attempts at a given weight. Close to 90% of your best would be where you want to aim for, but if you are feeling good and can beat your best you should go for it.

There is more information at the Program Help section under Loading/Set/Rep Prescriptions.
Vythand 2013-04-27
Thanks for the help Steve, I'm a big fan by the way! I love your video about your "diet" lol
Krystle 2013-05-02
Hi- in regards to FS 80% X 1 does this mean I am just working up to my 80%, and just doing 1 rep? sorry if this is a silly question! Thanks!
Steve Pan 2013-05-02
Krystle -

That is correct, you will just work up to 1 rep at 80%.
Chris 2013-05-26
Looking forward to starting this cycle! Just wondering if the no sitting down is for the Mondays it's posted on or for the whole week and then what the significance of it is. Thanks!
Steve Pan 2013-05-27
Chris -

The no sitting down is for the whole week. It should get you to rest a bit less between sets and keep you moving through the workout.
Drew 2013-06-05
For days when it's like FS 80% do you work up to 80% of you're known 1RM for FS or work til you feel your using about 80% effort to complete the lift?
Steve Pan 2013-06-07
Drew -

You will do 80% of your current PR unless you don't have one set then you can feel out a weight that is an 80% effort.
Drew 2013-06-08
Thanks for the response! I have one last question, I am trying pack on muscle fast and get the weights of my lifts up fast. Is this a good program to follow with the goals I have? Thanks in advanced!
Steve Pan 2013-06-11
Drew -

I would suggest the 4-week leg strength block to bring up your squat. And keep on top of the eating!
chris 2013-11-06
on segment snatch pull i do both from the knee then return back to the floor for 1 snatch pull
Steve Pan 2013-11-06
You will pause at the positions on the way up in the segment pull (do not return to the ground after each pause), then return to the ground and perform a snatch pull with no stops while focusing on hitting those same positions.
Eddie 2013-11-24
Hi, well this might sound stupid but.. By squatting everyday, I shouldn't be doing any other kind of leg workout right? Like hams curls or leg extensions for quads? I'm seeking for hypertrophy in my legs/calves.. and a lot of strength as well since I compete in powerlifting events. But my legs need to get bigger, so I was wondering whether I should do assistance exercises (isolation) or just squatting every single day, apart from rest day of course.
Steve Pan 2013-11-25
Eddie -

You can add in low weight high rep type schemes for those exercises. You will have to feel out what works or if it is beating you up for the rest of the work. You will also have to temper your expectations for the results of a program if you are adding a bunch of work that may be counter to the goal of a program.
Eddie 2013-11-25
Thanks Steve, that's exactly what I was thinking, thanks for making it even more clear. I believe there's nobody but myself to argue whether if something is working or not. I definitely have to feel whichever program I do and see if I can go any further or if I need to back down a little bit.

Thanks Steve!
tyrone 2014-01-23
Hi Eddie, can you specify which comes first, reps then sets?
Steve Pan 2014-01-24
Tyrone -

If there is a percentage first it will be reps then sets. 70%x3x5 will be 5 sets of 3 reps.
Eddie 2014-04-15
Hey Steve, sorry I come back again to ask for advice. I'm powerlifting, and I have very good lifts so far..

My question here is, besides powerlifting I of course want a nice body right, I also train with really high volume, around 20-25 sets at most for every muscle group, hitting every muscle group (directly) twice a week (but indirectly I might hit arms a bit more often).

Ok, so right back to the main question.. I want to start training snatch and clean & jerk.. Where in my program can I train this 2 lifts? I'll always start with them though, as well as when I'm powerlifting I start with the main lifts before doing anything else.

I believe that training for more than 1h 30min straight is actually detrimental for my body and I might start getting weaker or something. (correct me if I'm wrong).

Also, when I powerlift I cut back the volume of the rest of the exercises/sets of the muscles I train that day. (After deadlifting, squattinf and benching of course).

Thanks Steve, sorry for any inconvenience. I hope you could help me out.
Steve Pan 2014-04-16
Eddie -

You will have to choose a goal and then stick to a program that will help you meet those goals. A weightlifting program with bodybuilding elements may be okay, but you will have to feel out what you are able to do. I would suggest possibly starting with the Starter Program from the tab at the right. I recommend reading the Program Help section before beginning. As for training over 90 minutes, 2 hours or more per day of training should be okay. You may have to work your way up to it but you should be able to make gains with that amount of training.
manny 2014-04-27
Any chance on getting a spreadsheet for this cycle?
Ebby 2014-09-12
Gregor posted a spreadsheet for the cycle on the ATG site.
anthony 2015-05-20
In terms of rep scheme,what does 1+2x4 mean?

Steve Pan 2015-05-20
Anthony -

Segment Snatch Pull (knee) + Snatch Pull - 90% (of sn) x 1+2 x 4 will be 1 segment snatch pull followed by 2 snatch pulls for 4 sets at 90% of your best snatch. For more information on the program and notation check the Program Help & Info section.
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