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Tuesday January 22 2013
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Alyssa Clean
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Luke 2013-01-22
I have been following the Outlaw Way for the past year, but recently switched to the programming from CA as I have fallen in love with weightlifting (and way out of love with crossfit). Anyway, I'm new and was wondering how weightlifters treat multiple reps of movements like the snatch pull from yesterday or even the hang snatch today. Lifting straps are pretty much mandatory, right? I tend to lose my grip quickly when working at heavier weights and multiple reps. Just curious what the protocol was here - ie are straps ok (or encouraged) and is it ok the reset between reps within a set or is it supposed to be more of a "touch and go"? Thanks!
Steve Pan 2013-01-22
For multiple reps you can reset on each rep to make sure you are good to go. We would advise against touch and go reps as it will throw off your balance for that break from the ground and the first pull. You can use straps for snatches but not for cleans as there is risk for injury if you get trapped. If your grip strength is lacking I would suggest a few heavy sets a week without straps to bring up that grip strength.
Cody 2013-01-23
Is that Steve the eater?!?!!!!
Steve Pan 2013-01-23
This is me the eater. Woo!
Cody 2013-01-23
I feel like a little girl that just met Taylor Swift!!! That video wasn't a joke, was it?!! I am going to pattern my life after that video! Ha
Steve Pan 2013-01-23
Who is Taylor Swift?

I wouldn't suggest eating that way! Its a dangerous game.
Forrest 2013-05-02
What do you work up to for the 3x3?
Steve Pan 2013-05-02
Forrest -

Find a moderate weight that you will be able to handle for 3x3. Make sure you are pulling the elbows high and not pressing them out.
dane 2013-08-08
what does 75%x1+1x5 mean?
Steve Pan 2013-08-08
Dane -

That will be 5 sets of 1 power clean and 1 power jerk at 75%.
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