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Thursday January 24 2013
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Donovan Clean Pull
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Rick G 2013-01-23
So I know you state in "program help" the following "Prescribed percentages are of the exercise they accompany unless noted otherwise."

But my question is for things like "mid hang cleans" and "power snatch" should I use a percentage of my 1RM Clean and Snatch, or my 1RM mid hand clean and 1RM power snatch?
Pedro 2013-01-24
What does hs from (of hs) means?
thank you,
PS This is an outstanding site!
Pedro 2013-01-24
To Rick G: From the Clean and Snatch.
Steve 2013-01-24
hs = heavy single, correct?
Pedro 2013-01-24
Thanks Steve
Nathan 2013-01-24
Wolf pack assemble! Hooowwlll!!

Been following catalyst programming for little over a week now. Great programming. Can't wait to see my lifts go through the roof!
Cody 2013-01-24
I thought I heard you howling Nathan. I just had to come by and make sure everything was alright!

Catalyst > just about anything else on earth
Steve Pan 2013-01-24
Rick -

Power snatch percentages will be off of your 1rm power snatch.

For hang lifts they will be off of your best lifts from the ground.
Steve R 2013-01-24
Dumb question ...

In regards to the initial set of front & back squats, should one work up to the heavy % or begin at the higher perscribed %?

Thanks, love the site.
Steve Pan 2013-01-24
Steve -

For the first back squat you can warm up to that 80%. For the front squats at the end you will work your way up to the heavy single, and then you will take the back off percentage from that heavy single that you set.
Rick G 2013-01-24
Thanks Steve Pan
Lindsay 2013-01-24
Do you use the same weight as the mid-hang clean for the push press?
Steve Pan 2013-01-24
Lindsay -

No. You will have to feel out a weight for the push presses.
Cody 2013-01-24
Steve (Pan),

Would you like to be part of our (Nathan + me) wolf pack? There are currently no benefits other than saying you are in the pack...

We just admire the eating abilities and think you'd be a great LDWP member (long distance wolf pack)!

I know this is a bit forward and we hardly know one another... but think about it!

Steve R 2013-01-24
Thanks Steve P!
Steve Pan 2013-01-25
I will require nachos to join any wolf pack. For my legs.
Maria 2013-08-01
Push press is 3 sets of 5 or 5 sets of 3?
Steve Pan 2013-08-07
Maria -

That will be 3 sets of 5 push presses. There is more information on notation in the program help section to the right.
Bjarki 2014-02-26
Hello i was kinda wondering with the 300m rows, my gym doesn't have a row machine, should i do any alternative exercise or just skip it?
Steve Pan 2014-03-06
The conditioning workouts are optional. You can skip it and any assistance work you want to add is fine.
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