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Saturday January 26 2013
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Audra Snatch High-Pull
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Steve R 2013-01-26
Hey Everyone!

I've been lurking and following the CA program since August coming from CF. I really love the site!

Before the last cycle my training was spotty at best. Since getting more strict with training I've hit some really big numbers (for me at least).

PR's include:
20 lbs on FSqt
10 lbs on Snatch
20 lbs on C&J
10 lbs on BSqt
21 kg to Oly total.

Sorry, today was a good day, I think I'm jacked up on endorphines! Love the site. Can't wait for the next cycle. Thanks!
Greg Everett 2013-01-27
Nice work, Steve
Jared H 2013-01-29
On a day like today. Would this heavy single be like trying to hit a PR?
Steve Pan 2013-01-29
Jared -

If you are feeling good you can make an attempt at a PR on this day. Heavy single will usually be the best you can do for that given day, sometimes that will be a PR and sometimes it will be ~90% of your best.
Jared H 2013-01-29
Ok thanks for the input. Would be base next weeks lifts percentages of of what we do this day or just how we are feeling that day? Thanks again!!!
Steve Pan 2013-01-30
The percentages will go off of the lifts for each day.
RM 2013-12-12
Hi greg, i am just confused about the cycle description, when you mean squatting twice a day, i am not sure how the program should be split because it is not indicated in the daily programs.
Is this because, it's possible to finish all the exercises in one session?
Steve Pan 2013-12-13
You will squat twice in one session. The will be long ones, but the beginning of this cycle indicates to try not to sit down during the sessions so you keep moving.
Carson McNeely 2014-03-06
Well week one is down, and for a transitional week/rest week it was pretty grueling. I think what i may have done was go for something a little out of range but I'm not a quitter and I'll just have to better approach my recovery. Thanks for this program Greg. Hoping all my hopes and desires are answered
ABN Ranger 2014-08-04
I'm assuming you want us to build up to the heavy single for each of these exercises.. So what kind of build up should we do? Just go by feel? Or is there an expectation of hitting a certain number of sets and reps prior to hitting the heavy singles.
Steve Pan 2014-08-05
ABN Ranger -

Heavy single indicates taking the exercise to the heaviest weight for a single rep that can be managed in that training session.

You will have to feel out weights and take reasonable jumps to see what you can make for the day. Some days you will make PRs and some days you will feel like shit.

I suggest reading the Program Help section to the right.
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