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Monday January 28 2013
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Tamara Clean
  • Front Squat - heavy single
  • Snatch - heavy single; 3 x 2
  • Segment Snatch Pull (knee) + Snatch pull - 5 x 1+2
  • Back Squat - heavy single; 4 x 3
  • Good Morning - 3 x 5

Avoid failure on HS squats; back-offs by feel as heavy as possible for Rxed reps/sets
Select weights by feel. Up to a working weight across all Rxed sets, or up to AHAP and back off to hit all sets
No sitting down during workout

Week 1 of 12

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Josh Epstein 2013-01-27
when it says HS then 4x3, does that mean to work up to a heavy single then back off the weight a little and do 4 sets of 3?
hanglhof 2013-01-28
Steve Pan 2013-01-28
Josh -

That is correct. You will have to feel out a good weight that is challenging but not burying you for the back off sets.
cb 2013-12-04
how would Segment Snatch Pull (knee) + Snatch pull - 5 x 1+2 look like
Steve Pan 2013-12-04
You will perform one segment pull followed by 2 regular snatch pulls for 5 sets. Segment pull demonstrations can be found in the exercise demo section above.

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