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Saturday February 2 2013
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Alyssa Snatch
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Adal Zurita 2013-02-03
hi Greg
what do you recommend to increase my lifts ,I have not been able to increase my lifts 2 years ago. like my friend too

adal 28 años 67.5kg
back squat 170 kilos
front squat 140 kilos
snatch 82.5kg
clean and jerk 105 kg
snatch balance 70kg
push press 100 kg
dead lift 200kg
muscle snatch 65kg
hang snatch 75 kg
snatch of blooks 75 kg

adriana 18 años 62kg
back squat 125 kilos
front squat 102kilos
snatch 77kg
clean and jerk 93 kg
snatch balance 100kg
push press 75 kg
dead lift 110kg
muscle snatch 50kg
hang snatch 82 kg
snatch of blooks 80 kg
Greg Everett 2013-02-06
I can't really tell you what to do because I don't know what you're doing now, how you lift, and what you need to work on. You can post videos and your training program on our forum to get ideas - http://www.catalystathletics.com/forum/
Uggy 2013-05-15
Hello .
Can spilt this workout in two?
Do the snatch and clean and jerk in the morning.
And the rest in the afternoon? Or will that just mess things up?
Steve Pan 2013-05-16
Uggy -

That should be okay to split the work up over the day if you are able to do that.
andy 2013-06-11
got a pr front squat on this day, 136kg from 135 and then tied my pr snatch @ 102kg!!!

definitely like lifting to max every day vs percentages. So far, (in the 3rd week now), i can hit over 90% on every heavy single, usually over 98% on the first lifts and low 90's in the ending lifts.

thanks for the challenging and fun program!
Steve Pan 2013-06-11
Good job Andy! Congrats on the PRs.
Colin K 2015-02-24
Sorry if this is a simple question. But when going for a heavy single in this program, roughly how many reps should I be aiming for to get there? Increase weights quickly to reach HS 5 or 6 reps, or increase weight slower and aim for 10ish reps? or something completely different?
Steve Pan 2015-02-24
Colin -

It will be how ever many reps it takes to get to the best you can do for the day. Take bigger jumps in the beginning and smaller ones once you get closer to your max. 8-10 reps should be fine to get there.
Colin Klenner 2015-02-24
Legend, thanks very much Steve. These programs and website are absolutely amazing! I wouldn't be lifting at all if it wasn't for your amazing team! Am going to start this next week, once I finish the "basic rep cycle", looking forward to the challenge!! Regards Colin
Kyle 2015-04-07
Greg and Steve,
Is it recommended to split the workout up into two separate workouts throughout the day or should one work through one training session? I'm guessing its up to the individual ,but I want to get some expert feedback on this.

Greg Everett 2015-04-08
Kyle -

Totally up to you and your schedule. If you can split it into two workouts (at least the squats), it would be ideal, but you're not expected to.
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