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Monday February 4 2013
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Audra Jerk
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Cyril 2014-01-22
1. What does "Squat twice a day" in the cycle description means? Is it squatting in AM/PM Sessions or Squatting twice in one workout session?

2. "No sitting down during workout" - what does this mean? how long should we rest in between sets? does this go for the whole cycle?

planning to use this cycle. sorry for a lot of clarifications. more power to Catalyst Athletics!
Steve Pan 2014-01-24
1. It will be squatting twice in one workout session.

2. This means you should try to complete the workout without sitting. You can rest until you are ready for each set. This is for the whole cycle.
Joseph Ryan 2015-07-13
What's an ideal resting time between heavy singles?
Steve Pan 2015-07-14
For squats 3-5 minutes should be okay to make sure you are good to make good reps.
Justin 2015-07-27
This program is great! My front squat has gone up 25 pounds and my back squat has gone up 10 and im only on my third week. The only problem is it seems as if im losing speed under the bar. Is this normal? Or is it something i need to he worried about?
Steve Pan 2015-07-27
Justin -

You should be fine. Keep working on your timing and getting the lifts to be consistent.
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